Material Testings

Material testings for metals, construction materials as bricks, cement, asphalt or concrete and many other composites are demanded almost in every infrastructure or building project.

SINGO's products and technologies are fully qualified to perform these tests precisely with experienced staff.

YAW-300B bending compression strength synchro integrative testing machine

YAW-300B Bending and Compressive Strength Synchro Integrative Testing Machine

EHC-2500 system flexural compression testing machine

EHC-2500 System for Flexural and Compressive Strength Testing Machine

Test Types

Since there are more material test types required under different conditions as in building constructions, infrastructure projects, on site or in research and educational laboratories, our SINGO technical team keeps making effort to develop new testing machines and systems to meet all the needs.


After decades of continuously hard and creative work, we have specialized our testing machines, controlling systems and other matching accessories be suitable to serve in many industries as building constructions, railway, road and bridge projects, equipment calibrations and testings in laboratories.

DS-302 steel bar deformation instrument metal material testing

DS-302 Mechanical Residual Deformation Instrument of Reinforcement Bars