SINGO-EHC-5100 system compression-shear testing machine
EHC-5100 System for Computer Control Compression-Shear Testing Machine
April 25, 2017
EHC-5000 system compressive-shear testing machine
EHC-5000 System for Electro-Hydraulic Servo Compression-Shear Testing Machine
April 25, 2017

TestEPD 4.0 Measure and Control Software

TestEPD4 measure control testing machine software
Our TestEPD 4.0 testing machine software is used to work together with high-performance electromagnetic proportional reversing valves to compose the independently developed EHC-5100 measuring and controlling system of computer control electro-hydraulic servo compression-shear testing machine.
  • The software has pre-programmed JT/T4-2004, JT 391-1999, JT3132.3-90, JT/T4-93 and other more test standards.
  • It serves ideally the compressive elasticity modulus test, shear elasticity modulus test, shear strength and binding property performance test, ultimate compressive strength test, friction coefficient test, allowable angle test, tub type vertical bearing capacity test, shear aging test, and also available to implement regular compressive tests as the cement compressive test, wall brick compressive test and building structure test.
  • This TestEPD 4.0 testing machine software can configure any number of value display windows, and display channels, units and decimal places can be configured.
  • Using standard database to manage test data, and can provide networking data interface.
  • The testing machine software for measuring and testing uses wizard-style of operation, with nice and neat users’ interface and simple operation.
  • Display stress-time curve or stress-strain curve in real-time. Test curves can be partially magnified.
  • Has three levels of management authority. Debugger of the manufacturer, administrator and test staff.
  • The test results data such as compressive elasticity modulus or shear elasticity modulus can be automatically calculated and stored according to the test standard after the test is completed. Test results can be queried and printed.