SINGO-ZZYB multi-column sensor testing machine accessory
ZZY-B Column Sensor for Testing Machine
April 27, 2017
SINGO ZZY-C column sensor testing machine accessory
ZZY-C Column Sensor for Testing Machine
April 28, 2017

ZZY-C Multi-Column Sensor for Testing Machine

ZZY-C multi-column sensor table testing machine accessory
Our ZZY-C Multi-Column Sensor as an important testing machine accessory works flawlessly and has top-level precision and reliability when cooperating with the testing machines and measure and control systems. Specification (kN): 3000, 5000.
Comprehensive Precision0.1%FSInsulation Resistance>2000MΩ
Sensitive Coefficient2.0mV/VSensitive Coefficient Temperature Influence<0.1%FS/10℃
Nonlinear≤0.1%FSZero Temperature Influence<0.1%FS/10℃
Repeatability≤0.05%FSRecommended Excitation Voltage10V(DC)
Lag≤0.1%FSExcitation Voltage Range6~12V(DC)
Input Impedance380ΩApplicable Temperature Range-30~70℃
Output Impedance350ΩSafe Overload Range150%FS
Dimensions(mm) /