SINGO ZZY-C column sensor testing machine accessory
ZZY-C Column Sensor for Testing Machine
April 28, 2017
SINGO ZLF testing machine accessory spoke-type sensor screw thread
ZLF Spoke Type Sensor with Screw Thread Top
April 28, 2017

ZZY Column Sensor for Testing Machine

SINGO ZZY column sensor testing machine accessory
Our ZZY Column Sensor as an important testing machine accessory has top-level precision and reliability. And it performs flawlessly when working with our testing machines and measure and control systems. Specification (kN): 500, 1000, 2000, 3000. (Applicable to the outdoor environment.)
Comprehensive Precision0.3%FSInsulation Resistance>1000MΩ
Sensitive Coefficient1.5~2mV/VSensitive Coefficient Temperature Influence<0.5%FS/10℃
Nonlinear≤0.3%FSZero Temperature Influence<0.5%FS/10℃
Repeatability≤0.1%FSRecommended Excitation Voltage10V(DC)
Lag/Excitation Voltage Range6~12V(DC)
Input Impedance700ΩApplicable Temperature Range-30~70℃
Output Impedance700ΩSafe Overload Range120%FS
Dimensions(mm) /
500, 10001189098