SINGO ZLF testing machine accessory spoke-type sensor spherical top
ZLF Spoke Type Sensor with Spherical Top
April 28, 2017
Testing machine accessory D633 direct driven servo valve
D633 Direct Driven Servo Valve
April 29, 2017

PV-100 Electromagnetic Proportional Reversing Valve

Testing machine accessory PV-100 proportional reversing valve
The PV-100 electromagnetic proportional valve is a direct acting proportional valve, an effective testing machine accessory developed independently by SINGO Team. With no displacement sensor, it provides direction and flow control according to the size of the input voltage signal.
  • Proportional valve and proportional amplifier work coordinately. The proportional amplifier determine to power the A electromagnet or B electromagnet and the supply current magnitude according to the input voltage signal size and positive/negative conditions.
  • This current creates a force on the electromagnet putter, which is proportional to the current, moves the spool, and the spool moves to equilibrium with the return spring. Therefore, the displacement of the spool is proportional to the magnitude of the input voltage.
  • The PV-100 Reversing Valve as an important testing machine accessory is designed with high control precision, fast response and good reliability.
  • This reliable testing machine accessory can be widely used in the fields of material testing machine, engineering machinery, injection molding machine and other circumstances which need the precise control of pressure or flow.
  • The proportional directional valve has two kinds of structure, one is using integrated type proportional amplifier, and the other is the use of independent installation of the box type amplifier. Users can freely choose if needed when ordering.
Related Flow
Related Pressure
Spool Diameter
Amplifier StructureBox typeIntegratedBox typeIntegrated
Valve Functions3-position 4-way3-position 4-way3-position 3-way3-position 3-way