GMC Grating displacement Sensor testing machine accessory
GMC Series Grating Displacement Sensor for Testing Machine
April 29, 2017
BDW-5000 Hydraulic Piling Type Force Standard Testing Machine
BDW-1000 Series Hydraulic Piling Type Force Standard Testing Machine
May 15, 2017

KS-1000 Guyed Displacement Sensor for Testing Machine

KS1000 guyed displacement sensor testing machine accessory
The KS-1000 guyed displacement sensor as an important testing machine accessory is particularly suitable for the mechanical tests in linear guide system, hydraulic cylinder system, testing machine, telescopic system, storage position location.
  • The KS-1000 guyed displacement sensor is widely used in the fields as pressure machinery, paper making machinery, textile machinery, metal sheet machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, level controller and construction machinery.
  • The sensor works well in the practices of many other related dimensions measure and position control, especially for electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal testing machine control.
  • It can replace the grating scale, can be customized in other applications, can achieve low-cost and high-precision measurement.
Measurement Span
Sensor TypeIncremental encoder
Steel WireropeHigh flexible imported coated steel wire rope
Output SignalOpen-collector (NPN/PNP), Push-pull
Long Line Drive, Voltage Output:
Linear Precision 0.05%FS;
Repetitive Accuracy 0.01%
Resolution (mm)
0.02, 0.01, 0.008, 0.004, 0.002, others
Maximum Reciprocating Speed
Reciprocating Frequency50 Hz (ocular reciprocating amplitude)
Response FrequencyMaximum 300K Hz

Outlet Pull
Working Temperature-25~85℃
Working Life>500 million times, >10 million times
10Hz~1500Hz, 10G
Cable Length4m
Shell MaterialImported Aluminum alloy. The surface is oxidized, thus being wear and corrosion resistance.
Protection Grade
IP54 (Standard), IP65