Testing machine accessory D633 direct driven servo valve
D633 Direct Driven Servo Valve
April 29, 2017
GMC Grating displacement Sensor testing machine accessory
GMC Series Grating Displacement Sensor for Testing Machine
April 29, 2017

GS-82 Series Digital Valve for Material Testing

SINGO GS-82A material testing digital valve
GS-82 series digital valve is a kind of small flow, high-precision digital valve our company developed for the characteristics of a various kinds of material testing machines.
  • The GS-82 Series Digital Valve for Material Testing Machine uses the stepping motor as the power element, drive the spool to move through the transmission of the gear pair and screw pair, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the valve opening.
  • Compared with the traditional proportional valve, it has the characteristics of high control precision, no hysteresis loop, strong anti-pollution ability and high control pressure.
  • Can meet the computer servo control requirements of various types of testing machine and meet the application requirements of some engineering tests.
Flow (L/min)85
Filtration Accuracy (um)≤50 (In order to ensure better control performance and life, recommend to be ≤20)
Hysteresis (%)≤1
Repetition Accuracy (%)≤1
MediumAntiwear hydraulic oil #46 or #48
Medium Viscosity (mm2/s)2.8~380
Medium Temperature (℃)-20~+80
Weight (kg)2.1