SINGO GS-82A material testing digital valve
GS-82 Series Digital Valve for Material Testing
April 29, 2017
KS1000 guyed displacement sensor testing machine accessory
KS-1000 Guyed Displacement Sensor for Testing Machine
April 29, 2017

GMC Series Grating Displacement Sensor for Testing Machine

GMC Grating displacement Sensor testing machine accessory
The system includes a GMC series grating displacement sensor and a novel data acquisition box.

It is an ideal matching part with core functions of the equipment for mechanical processing on site inspection and production process control. It has a broad application prospect.
  • As a reliable and precise testing machine accessory, the data acquisition box's logic structure is simple, reliable, and can quickly respond to sensor displacement information.
  • The data acquisition box can determine the number of channels as needed.
  • According to the agreed communication protocol, the data acquisition box can not only realize the displacement information acquisition, but also use the "real time comprehensive correction method" to do the linear correction calibration of the sensor displacement amount.
  • Because of its simple structure, convenient adjustment and high positioning accuracy, the measurement system has been widely used in instruments, precision machining, automobile, steel and other industries.
  • The GMC Series Grating Displacement Sensor as a testing machine accessory can accept displacement data information from 1 to 10 sensors of different models and specifications at the same time.
  • The minimum indication of the data collection box can be determined according to the user's needs. The minimum indication is: 0.01, 0.001, 0.0001mm.
  • Measurement Span (mm): 0~10, 0~20, 0~50, 0~100, 0~150, 0~200, 0~300
  • Grating Pitch: 0.02mm, 0.01mm
  • Division Value (ε):0.01mm, 0.001mm, 0.0001mm
  • Variation of indication: ≤ 2ε
    This testing machine accessory can provide a variety of different signals for different forms of digital display selection.

  • Sine, cosine signal output after being magnified.
  • Square wave signal output: two square wave signals with phase difference of 90 degrees. Amplitude are 4~5V and 10~12V.
  • Pulse signal output: form a narrow pulse signal by the square wave signal from amplificating, shaping or subdividing the small signal.
  • Serial Port Output: The sensor has a high-speed microcontroller built-in, provides TTL serial output interface. According to the communication protocol, it can achieve the functions as acquisition of grating signal data and sensor calibration.
  • Signal output cable: square wave signal output line can be long, pulse signal output line length ≤ 200mm.