Testing machine accessory PV-100 proportional reversing valve
PV-100 Electromagnetic Proportional Reversing Valve
April 29, 2017
SINGO GS-82A material testing digital valve
GS-82 Series Digital Valve for Material Testing
April 29, 2017

D633 Direct Driven Servo Valve

Testing machine accessory D633 direct driven servo valve
The D633 direct acting servo valve as an important testing machine accessory is a high performance servo valve manufactured by MOOG USA. It is used in some of our self-developed servo testing machines.
  • The valve uses a linear force motor to drive the spool directly and to conduct the closed loop control through a displacement sensor which mounted at the other end of the spool as the feedback signal input drover, so as to achieve the precise displacement control spool.
  • Compared with the traditional proportional valve, the servo valve has the characteristics of high control precision, fast dynamic response speed and strong anti-pollution ability,
  • As a precise and reliable testing machine accessory, it can fully meet the control performance requirements of the high grade electro-hydraulic servo material testing machine.
Testing ParameterSpecification
Related Flow (L/min)5/10/20/40
Related Pressure (MPa)35
Power Voltage (V)DC24
Signal Voltage (V)±10
Respond Time (ms)≤12