April 16, 2017
WAW-G electro hydraulic servo steel strand universal testing machine

WAW-G Computer Control Electro-Hydraulic Servo Steel Strand Universal Testing Machine

Main Usages: Tensile tests of steel strand, metal bar, plate and screw steel. Applicable Standards: Meet the requirements of GB/T5224-2003 […]
April 25, 2017
TestMaster measure control testing machine software

TestMaster V3.0 Measure & Control Software for Testing Machine

Our TestMaster V3.0 measure and control testing machine software for mechanical test is used to compose the EDC-3100 measuring and […]
April 26, 2017
EPCTest-P embeded software universal testing machine display tester

EPCTest-P Embedded Software for Universal Testing Machine Display Tester

The EPCTest-P testing and control software is embedded to work together with our independently developed WEP-3000 universal testing machine smart […]