Material Testing Machines

We are making our own branded ultimate product, testing machine, since 2008. Now SINGO has a full range of testing machines, including universal testing machines, electro hydraulic servo bending and compression testing machines, electronic universal testing machine controlled by personal computer or touchscreen tablets, etc.

YAW-2000 pressure testing machine

YAW-2000/3000 Electro-Hydraulic Servo Pressure Testing Machine

WEW-3100 universal testing machine system

WEW-3100 System for Universal Testing Machine

Measure & Control Systems

SINGO Technology Team has self-developed our own measure and control system suitable for various testing machines. Every year, we are providing close to 10,000 systems to all the testing machines makers both domestic and overseas.

Measurement Instruments

The measurement instruments independently developed with features as high accuracy, top-level reliability from SINGO Technology are widely used in construction on-site laboratories, working sites and quality assurance institutions.

YEP-1000 pressure testing machine smart display tester

YEP-1000 Pressure Testing Machine Smart Display Tester

TestMaster measure control testing machine software

TestMaster V3.0 Measure and Control Software

Testing Softwares

Our experienced technical team has developed SuperTest for universal testing machines as their controlling system, TestMaster for bending and compression testing machines and pressure testing machines, and EPCTest for the latest touchscreen tablet based testing machines as their controlling system.

Testing Accessories

We provide our clients jigs, extensometer and sensors besides the regular matching components that our testing machine or equipment would normally have. These accessories can be either standard parts or customized as required.

Testing machine accessory D633 direct driven servo valve

D633 Direct Driven Servo Valve