WEP-3000 universal testing machine smart display tester
WEP-3000 Universal Testing Machine Smart Display Tester
April 26, 2017
EPCTest-P embeded software universal testing machine display tester
EPCTest-P Embedded Software for Universal Testing Machine Display Tester
April 26, 2017

YEP-1000 Pressure Testing Machine Smart Display Tester

YEP-1000 pressure testing machine smart display tester
TheYEP-1000 Pressure Testing Machine Smart Display Tester uses ARM9 embedded computer motherboard, and is equipped with Windows CE operating system and our self-developed EPCTest display measure and control software. It is designed to be widely used in all kinds of engineering tests.
  • The data acquisition section of YEP-1000 smart tester uses uses 24-bit high-precision A/D for high-speed sampling to achieve accurate measurement of pressure or load.
  • Using high-precision amplifier and 24-bit high-precision A/D converter. Effective inner code is ±200000.
  • The YEP-1000 Pressure Smart Display Tester works with EPCTest embedded screen display measurement software for universal testing machine.
  • User-friendly operation interface, convenient touch operation.
  • It has the features of a high degree of intelligence, scalability, high sampling accuracy and reliable stability.
  • One measurement channel
  • Measurement precision: ≤±1%
  • Measurement precision range: 1%-100%FS
  • Neatly designed 7-inch screen real color display.
  • 4 USB interfaces, supports external mouse and standard keyboard.
  • The smart tester can connect to HP Inkjet printer and print standard reports.
  • It has Ethernet interface and is convenient for the data networking.
Product NameSpecificationAmount
Pressure Machine Display Smart Display TesterYEP-10001 pc
Pressure Sensor30MPa1 pc
Control Connecting CableYEP-10001 Set