WES-07 universal testing machine digital display dynamometer
WES-07 Universal Testing Machine Smart Digital Display Dynamometer
April 26, 2017
WEP-3000 universal testing machine smart display tester
WEP-3000 Universal Testing Machine Smart Display Tester
April 26, 2017

YA-07 Pressure Testing Machine Smart Digital Display Dynamometer

YA-07 testing machine digital display dynamometer
The YA-07 pressure testing machine smart digital display dynamometer is composed by high precision pressure sensor, stability amplifier system, high precision A/D converter, digital display, keyboard input and output parts.

It is mainly applicable to measure and display the force value for all kinds of pressure testing machines, and also has a wild range of usages as reconstructing pointer type pressure testing machines.
  • The data stored in the instrument can be maintained even a power failure occurred. The original data can be retrieved and used to print the report after the power is recovered. It can communicate with the computer if the communication software is installed.
  • The data in the instrument will be stored in the computer for future reference or centrally stored by the management center through the network, so as to achieve computerized management of quality supervision.
  • The maximum storage capacity of the instrument is 120 test units, number 01~120#. When you enter the 121st unit, the 1st unit is cleared. The data of 1st unit is cleared when the data of 121st unit is stored.
  • Overload protection: When the test force value exceeds the maximum value of 3%, the instrument can automatically cut off the oil pump motor.
    (0) For non-standard test specimens, no need to input area.
    (1) For 100×100mm compressive test cube.
    (2) For 150×150mm compressive test cube.
    (3) For 200×200mm compressive test cube.
    (4) Applicable to any section of compression test specimen blocks
    (5) For 150×150×550mm flexural test block.
    (6) For 100×100×400mm flexural test block.
    (7) For 40×40×160mm compressive test block.
    (8) For 70.7×70.7mm compressive test cube.
Rated Working Voltage~220V±10%, 50Hz
Power Consumption≤20W
Nonlinear repeatability error≤±1%
Working temperature0 ~ 40℃
Overall dimensions360×140×220mm