YA-07 testing machine digital display dynamometer
YA-07 Pressure Testing Machine Smart Digital Display Dynamometer
April 26, 2017
YEP-1000 pressure testing machine smart display tester
YEP-1000 Pressure Testing Machine Smart Display Tester
April 26, 2017

WEP-3000 Universal Testing Machine Smart Display Tester

WEP-3000 universal testing machine smart display tester
WEP-3000 smart display tester for universal testing machine uses ARM9 embedded computer motherboard, and is equipped with Windows CE operating system and our self-developed EPCTest display measure and control software for universal testing machine.

It is suitable to work together with hydraulic universal testing machine to form a universal testing machine with display screen.
  • The data acquisition section of WEP-3000 Testing maching Smart Display Tester uses 24-bit high-precision A/D for high-speed sampling and photoelectric encoder signal quadruple counting, to achieve accurate measurement of load, displacement and deformation.
  • Using high-precision amplifier and 24-bit high-precision A/D converter. Its effective inner code is ±200000.
  • Works with EPCTest embedded screen display measurement software for testing machines.
  • Cylinder upper limit protection, beam upper and lower limit protection.
  • Neatly designed 7-inch screen real color display.
  • User-friendly operation interface, convenient touch operation.
  • The WEP-3000 tester has the features of a high degree of intelligence, scalability, high sampling accuracy and reliable stability.
  • Measurement channel: one for load, one for displacement, one for electric extensometer, one extended channel.
  • Accuracy of load measurement: ≤±1%
  • Accuracy range of load measurement: 4%-100%FS
  • Precision of displacement measurement: ≤±0.03mm
  • Precision of the electric extensometer measurement: ≤±0.003mm
  • Input voltage: Three-phase AC380V
  • 4 USB interfaces, supports external mouse and standard keyboard.
  • Can connect to HP Inkjet printer and print standard reports.
  • The AC contactor is built-in the WEP-3000 smart display tester. It can control the oil pump motor to start and stop. It can control the lifting motor positive and negative rotation.
Product NameSpecificationAmount
Universal Machine Display Testing InstrumentWEP-30001 pc
Pressure Sensor30MPa1 pc
Displacement Sensor200mm1 pc
Electronic Extensometer
ZES-50/10 (Optional)1 pc
Control Connecting CableWEP-30001 Set