SINGO YJ-10 building construction smart prestressed duct grouting system
YJ-10 Smart Prestressed Duct Grouting System
May 28, 2017

Grade 0.3 Standard Dynamometer for Universal Testing Machine

Grade03 universal testing machine Standard dynamometer
The Grade 0.3 standard dynamometer for universal testing machine is composed of DS60 precise digital measuring instrument and force sensors. It can fully adapt to the modern measurement technology and JJG144-92 ‘standard dynamometer’ rules.
  • This Grade 0.3 universal testing machine standard dynamometer is helpful to improve the instrument level of mechanical force testing, reduce the work intensity of staff and improve work efficiency, has the domestic advanced technology.
  • DS60 precise digital measuring instrument has powerful features and superior performance, high resolution and accuracy as a strong guarantee for the instrument precision.
  • The supporting force sensor of the dynamometer has high precision. The elastomer and strain element of the sensor are made of high performance materials.
  • After special processing, they have the features of full sealing, shock resistance, high accuracy, good stability and light weight.
  • Specifications: 50N/100N/500N/1kN/2kN/5kN/10kN/20kN/50kN/100kN/200kN /300kN/600kN/1000kN/2000kN/3000kN/5000kN
  • Precision: Synthetical Accuracy ≤0.3%
  • Configuration: one DS60 meter, can match up to 10 force sensors (Force sensors, torque sensors, pressure sensors are optional).
  • The effective inner code of the Grade 0.3 Universal Testing Machine Standard Dynamometer is greater than 1 million, and the display resolution is up to 1/200000.
  • The minimum input sensitivity can reach 0.1uV/d, A/D conversion rate is 50 times/s, the combined accuracy is <0.005%FS
  • Can test a variety of mechanical, electronic and hydraulic materials testing machines.
  • Can test relevant measuring instruments of force measurement such as cement jig, carton compressor, impact instrument and other measuring instruments which can not be measured by third-class dynamometers.
  • Equipped with the additional force measurement frame, it can compose to jack testing device.