EPCTest-P embeded software universal testing machine display tester
EPCTest-P Embedded Software for Universal Testing Machine Display Tester
April 26, 2017
SINGO-ZDY-D multi-column sensor testing machine accessory
ZDY-D Multi-Column Sensor for Testing Machine
April 27, 2017

DSMAX80 Digital Peak Value Meter for Testing Machine

testing machine accessory DSMAX80 digital peak value meter
The DSMAX80 digital peak value meter is a testing machine accessory professionally customized for small pressure testing equipments. It is suitable to be widely used for the detection of the breaking force value of the main engine, the peak holding and displaying.
  • As a testing machine accessory, DSMAX80 Digital Peak Value Meter has the functions of data storage, data query, self calibration and automatic reset when booting.
  • Rated Working Voltage: DC9V, high-performance lithium battery or ordinary battery
  • Repeatability error: ≤±0.5%
  • Measurement range of input signal: ≤1.2mV/V (Custamizable)
  • Working span: User customizable
  • Working temperature range: The instrument: -10~40℃ Sensor: -45~125℃
  • Display mode: 4-digit LCD display