DM-203 testing machine multi-channel Dynamic-static strain measuring instrument
DM-203 Multi-Channel Dynamic-Static Strain Measuring Instrument
April 26, 2017
DS-302 steel bar deformation instrument metal material testing
DS-302 Mechanical Residual Deformation Instrument of Reinforcement Bars
April 26, 2017

DS-60 Precise Digital Measuring Instrument for Material Testing

DS60 material testing digital measuring instrument
The DS-60 precise digital measuring instrument can be applied to the fields of precise force (torque) measurement, weighing control, sensor detection and adjustment, material testing, measurement of stress and strain, and the transient peak measurement.
  • With synchronous digital ratio technology, the standard voltage source in the DS-60 Precise Material Testing Digital Measuring Instrument does the analog-digital conversion to the bridge voltage of the sensor and the output signal.
  • Using the digital calculation method to obtain the ratio measurement data to reduce the instrument drift significantly.
  • This device has ultra-wide zero adjustment range. The adjustment range can be up to -150%~150% of the set scope. It is especially suitable for the small dynamic load measurement under large static load.
  • The unique signal slope control technology applied in this Precise Material Testing Digital Measuring Instrument can effectively suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • 7-segment linear correction capability to improve the measurement accuracy of the system.
  • High precision data recovery and transplantation techniques. When needed (such as accidentally delete the stored calibration data or instrument failure happened), the calibration data can be recovered or move to other instruments, so as to avoid re-calibration.
  • The synchronous digital ratio analog-to-digital conversion technology provides ultra-high resolution and measurement accuracy. Display division is 100k~500k.
  • Measuring resolution of mV/V ratio signal is 0.01μV/V. A/D converting rate is 50~100times/s. Comprehensive accuracy <0.005%FS (Repeatability, linear).
  • The input signal measuring range can be chose by programing. Suitable to all sorts of strain sensors with the output sensitivity of 1mV/V、2mV/V、3mV/V and 4mV/V. The signal measurement range and input polarity of each data channel in the instrument can be configured by software separately.
  • Two calibration methods which include sensor zero calibration, system loading calibration and sensitivity input calibration.
  • Fast peak value measurement and retention. Peak value holding time can be set by software.
  • Calibration data for 9 different range sensors can be stored and summoned.
  • Multiple units are convertible, include N(Newton), kgf, lbf and the measurement value of sensor output signal sensitivity (mV/V).
  • Using independent hardware monitoring circuit to ensure the reliable operation of the instrument.
  • Equipped with serial print interface and standard RS232 interface, can be connected to the printer or computer (optional accessaries).
  • Independent ground wire and symmetrical bridge circuit structures greatly improve the safety of the instrument and sensors under the surge current and lightning.