DM-202 multi-channel testing machine data acquisition device
DM-202 Multi-channel Data Acquisition Device for Testing Machine
April 26, 2017
DS60 material testing digital measuring instrument
DS-60 Precise Digital Measuring Instrument for Material Testing
April 26, 2017

DM-203 Multi-Channel Dynamic-Static Strain Measuring Instrument

DM-203 testing machine multi-channel Dynamic-static strain measuring instrument
The DM-203 multi-channel dynamic-static strain measuring instrument for testing machine can be widely used in machinery manufacturing, civil engineering, bridge building, material mechanical tests, transportation and many other construction fields.
  • The DM-203 Multi-Channel Dynamic-Static Strain Measuring Instrument for testing machine uses 24 bit ΔΣ high-precision A/D converter to acquire data.
  • The independent A/D converter of the device is used to collect the data synchronously for each channel, so as to ensure the synchronization, accuracy and stability of data acquisition among the channels.
  • It can automatically measure the multi points dynamic and static strain stress values of large-scale structures, models and material stress tests quickly with high accuracy and reliability.
  • This DM-203 Testing Machine Dynamic-Static Strain Instrument can measure the physical quantities of the multi points dynamic and static force, pressure, torque and displacement.
  • The electromagnetic compatibility test corresponds to the index A.
  • The device has the features of high precision data acquisition and high sampling speed.
Measure Points of Single Acquisition Box20System Accuracy±3με
Maximum Controllable Measure Points of Single Acquisition Box160Time Drift< 3μV/ hour
Device InterfacesRS232 serial port or EthernetTemperature Drift< 1μV/℃
Synchronization Method
Synchronous Clock GeneratorAutomatic Balance Range±10000με
Extension MethodParallelStrain Gauge Sensitivity Coefficient1.0 ~ 3.0, Auto-correcting
Communication Distance between Modules10m or 1000m (Ethernet Time)Applicable Resistance Strain Gauge Value120Ω
Maximun Sampling Frequency100 HzBridge VoltageDC5V
A/D Resolution24 bitElectrical SourceAC220V
Sampling Frequency25 HzPower20W
Full Scale Value±30000με, no gages in full testing rangeOperating EnvironmentTemperature: ≤50℃, Relative Humidity: ≤80%
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)350×260×105mmInstrument Weight4.8kg