RHP-2806 Asphalt soften point testing machine
RHP-2806 Full-automatic Asphalt Softening Point Testing Machine
May 24, 2017
SINGO YPC-1000 System Pressure Testing Machine
YPC-1000 Smart Touchscreen Display System for Pressure Testing Machine
May 27, 2017

ZL-1000 Prestressed Tensile Servo Measure and Control System

ZL-1000 Prestressed Tensile Servo Measure Control testing machine system
ZL-1000 Prestressed Tensile Servo Measure and Control system for testing machine can be applied to various occasional cases like engineering tests and engineering constructions, especially suitable for bridge prestressed tensile construction.

It can implement constant speed pressurizing, decompression, grading pressure holding and other functions.
  • The system adopts radial piston pump and SIEMENS three-phase motor as the power source, uses our own invented hydraulic servo control technology, which our company owns the intellectual property rights, to adjust the pressure and flow of the system.
  • Has the features as stable pressurizing, high precision of pressure holding and reliable stability, as well as working with ultra low noise, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • It has achieved the intelligent control of the entire tensile process and implement "real-time tracking, intelligent control, timely error correction" in the quality management of tensioning construction.
  • This ZL-1000 Prestressed Tensile Servo Testing Machine System greatly improved the construction management and efficiency, while ensuring the construction quality of prestressed tensioning, and created greater economic and social benefits too.
  • Using The PID control strategy to implement the pressure closed loop control, as well as achieving the functions of constant speed pressurization, pressure holding and decompression. The speed of pressurizing can be configured freely.
  • It can implement the whole control process from data acquisition, PID computing, and serial port wireless communication to the output control in a short period of time, thus achieve the accurate closed-loop control for the tensile system.
  • Has up to 15 linear compensation and correction function and greatly improve measurement range and measurement accuracy of the sensor.
  • The system supports verious controlling methods as tensile tests with one machine, synchro tensile tests with two machines and with four machines.
  • It uses our own developed DYC-2300 electro-hydraulic servo controller to control the pressure, displacement sampling and servo pressurizing of the whole hydraulic system.
  • The controller of this testing machine measure and control system uses Cotex_M3 32-bit high-speed ARM chip as the master chip, has high computing speed and data processing capabilities.
  • This ZL-1000 Prestressed Tensile Servo Testing Machine System has 1 input channel for pressure sensor and 1 for displacement sensor. The channel uses independent 24-bit A/D converter to conduct the high accuracy data sampling. The effective inner code is ±200,000.
  • One RS232 wireless communication interface. It can implement wireless data communication with the computer.It has the function of real-time uploading the data acquisition and delivering the control instructions, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the various tensile oil source synchronously pressurization remotely. The effective distance of wireless communication is 200 meters.
  • 1 frequency conversion control interface: control the speed of the variable frequency motor, so as to control the pressurizing speed and pressure holding value.
  • 1 electromagnetic exchange valve interface: to connect the DC24V rapid return electromagnetic exchange valve to control the jacks fallback.
  • The controlling steps can be freely edited according to the tests' requirements.
Testing ItemSpecification
Maximum Control Pressure60MPa
Oil Pump Flow1.2L/min
Accuracy Range of Pressure5%-100%FS
Pressure Measurement Precision≤±1%
Control Accuracy of Pressurizing Speed≤±5%
Control Accuracy of Pressure Holding≤±0.05MPa
Pressure Synchronization Error of the Jacks≤±0.2 MPa
Maximum Displacement200mm
Displacement Resolution0.01mm
Displacement Measurement Precision≤±0.05mm
System Noise≤60dB
Working Oil Temperature Range0℃~60℃