SINGO WPC-3000 System for Universal Testing Machine
WPC-3000 Touchscreen Display System for Universal Testing Machine
May 27, 2017
Grade03 universal testing machine Standard dynamometer
Grade 0.3 Standard Dynamometer for Universal Testing Machine
May 29, 2017

YJ-10 Smart Prestressed Duct Grouting System

SINGO YJ-10 building construction smart prestressed duct grouting system
The YJ-10 smart prestressed duct grouting system for building construction is developed independently according to the latest construction specifications of PRC traffic department and completely meets the requirements of 'Construction Technology Specification for Highway Bridge and Culvert' (JTG/T F50-2011).
  • The system uses the electronic weighing method to measure various materials. Coming with the unique material mixing method, and meeting the requirements of the mobility degree under the specified water-binder ratio.
  • It also uses the advanced frequency conversion, as well as speed regulation and pressure compensation principles.
  • It is able to implement grouting pressure settings and pressure maintaining performance for beams and plates of various lengths, the filling degree of the duct grouting body is ensured.
Testing ItemSpecification
Pulping Speed1440 rpm
Grouting Pressure0-1.6 MPa
Measurement Accuracy0.1%
Pulping Capacity3m3/h
Slurry Storage Capacity0.5m3/h
Installed Power16 kW
Overall Dimensions2.7×1.5×2.0 (m)