EHC-3100M system anchoring testing machine
EHC-3100M System for Electro-Hydraulic Servo Anchoring Testing Machine
April 25, 2017
TestEPD4 measure control testing machine software
TestEPD 4.0 Measure and Control Software
April 25, 2017

EHC-5100 System for Computer Control Compression-Shear Testing Machine

SINGO-EHC-5100 system compression-shear testing machine
The EHC-5100 measure and control system is suitable for upgrading and reconstructing the hydraulic compression-shear testing machine to computer control electro-hydraulic servo plate-type rubber bearing compression-shear testing machine.

It works with high precision and good reliability, fully meets the test requirements of road and railway rubber plate bearing, tub-type bearing from GB, ISO, ASTM and other standards.
  • Our EHC-5100 system is able to conduct the compressive elasticity modulus test, shear elasticity modulus test, shear bond performance test, ultimate compressive strength test, friction coefficient test, allowable angle test, tub type vertical bearing capacity test, tub-type friction test, shear aging test and so on.
  • The system can implement the whole control process from data acquisition, PID computing and Ethernet communication operation to the output control in a short period of time.
  • The controller uses dual CPU structure. Axial pressure control and shearing control use one CPU to control separately, thus achieving the accurate closed-loop control for the testing machine.
  • All three input channels use the separate 24-bit A/D converter for high-precision data sampling. The effective internal code is up to ± 200,000.
  • Has up to 15 linear compensation and correction function and greatly improve measurement range and measurement accuracy of the sensor.
  • The system uses high-performance electromagnetic proportional reversing valve, has the force closed-loop control function. It is availble to achieve the constant load rate loading or constant stress rate loading.
  • The controller uses Cotex_M3 32-bit high-speed ARM chip as the master chip, has high computing speed and data processing capabilities.
  • Has three analog input channels: one for axial pressure load, one for shearing load and one for angle load.
  • Has four photoelectric encoder quadruple frequency counting input channels. One for axial compressive displacement, two for testing shear displacement and one for testing slope-deflection.
  • Has 8 switch input interfaces: can be connected to 8 switches to input signal.
  • Two digital servo valve interfaces: to connect GS-82 digital servo valve.
  • Two electromagnetic reversing valve interfaces: to connect DC24V rapid return oil electromagnetic reversing valve.
  • Two overload protection interfaces (normally closed contact): connect to the oil pump control circuit. Automatically stop oil pump when testing machine is overloaded.
  • Eight switch output interfaces: can be connected to 8 intermediate relays.
  • Using the PID control strategy to achieve the load closed loop control, as well as achieving the functions of constant speed loading, load retention and constant speed offloading.
  • Using the PID control strategy to implement the displacement closed loop control, as well as achieving the functions of constant speed displacement and displacement holding.
  • Two 100MHz Ethernet communication interfaces, achieve high-speed data communications with PC. Has the function of real-time data acquisition upload and real-time delivery of control instructions, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the testing machine by PC in real-time.
Product NameSpecificationAmount
Electro-Hydraulic Servo Measure and Control BoxEHC-51001 pc
High-precision Pressure Sensor30MPa2 pcs
Spoke Type Sensor1000kN (Optional)1 pc
Grating Displacement SensorGWC-010-28 pcs
Guyed Displacement Sensor0-1000mm4 pcs
Grating Data Collection BoxGMS-101 pc
Digital Servo ValveGS-892 pcs
Relief ValveYB-1602 pcs
Measure and Control SoftwareTestEPD V4.01 Set