SINGO SuperTest V7 material testing machine software
SuperTest V7.2 Measure and Control Software for Testing Machine
April 25, 2017
EHC-2300 bending compression testing machine system
EHC-2300 System for Flexural and Compressive Strength Testing Machine
April 25, 2017

EHC-1500 System for Electro-Hydraulic Servo Pressure Testing Machine

EHC-1500 system electro hydraulic servo pressure testing machine
The EHC-1500 system for electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machine is composed of our independently developed measure and control box, GS-82A digital servo valve group and SuperTest V9.0 testing and control software.

The system is suitable for working together with the the electro-hydraulic pressure testing machines from testing machine manufacturers, to compose the electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machines.

It is also suitable for the detection organizations to deal with the automatization upgrading and reconstruction of their old 300kN-3000kN pressure testing machines and upgrade them to electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machines.
  • Our EHC-1500 system is able to implement load closed-loop and displacement close-loop control for the pressure testing machine. It has the features of high control precision, strong adaptability, long-term stability and so on.
  • The system can implement the whole control process from data acquisition, PID computing and Ethernet communication operation to the output control in a short period of time, thus achieve the accurate closed-loop control for the testing machine.
  • The input channel adopts the separate 24-bit A/D converter for high-precision data sampling. The effective internal code is up to ± 200000.
  • Has up to 15 linear compensation and correction function and greatly improve measurement range and measurement accuracy of the sensor.
  • The measurement unit adopts high precision pressure sensor and guyed displacement sensor.
  • The controller uses Cotex_M3 32-bit high-speed ARM chip as the master chip, has high computing speed and data processing capabilities.
  • Has one input channel for pressure sensor or load sensor.
  • Has one photoelectric encoder quadruple frequency counting input channel: to connect one guyed displacement sensor.
  • One digital servo valve interface: to connect GS-82 digital servo valve.
  • One electromagnetic reversing valve interface: to connect DC24V rapid return oil electromagnetic valve.
  • One overload protection interface (normally closed contact): connect to the oil pump control circuit. Automatically stop oil pump when testing machine is overloaded.
  • The system uses the PID control strategy to achieve the load closed loop control , as well as achieving the functions of constant speed loading, load retention and constant speed offloading. Loading speed can be configured freely.
  • It uses the PID control strategy to implement the displacement closed loop control , as well as achieving the functions of constant speed displacement and displacement holding. The speed of displacement can be configured freely.
  • One 100MHz Ethernet communication interface, achieve high-speed data communications with PC. Has the function of real-time data acquisition upload and real-time delivery of control instructions, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the testing machine by PC in real-time.
  • One manual control box interface, can be connected to the manual control box to start and stop the test.
Product NameSpecificationAmount
Electro-Hydraulic Servo Pressure Measure and Control BoxEHC-15001 pc
Pressure Sensor30MPa1 pc
Guyed Displacement Sensor1000mm1 pc
Digital Servo ValveGS-82A1 pc
Reducing Valve
YG-1611 pc
Control Connecting CableEHC-15001 Set
Measure and Control SoftwareSuperTest V9.01 Set