MDW-50500 asphalt construction material testing machine
MDW-50 Computer Control Marshall Stability Testing Machine
May 21, 2017
RHP-2806 Asphalt soften point testing machine
RHP-2806 Full-automatic Asphalt Softening Point Testing Machine
May 24, 2017

ZRP-2801 Full-automatic Asphalt Penetrometer Testing Machine

ZRP 2801 asphalt penetrometer testing machine
Our independently developed ZRP-2801 full-automatic asphalt penetrometer testing machine is suitable for measuring the penetration of the road petroleum asphalt, the modified asphalt penetration and the evaporation residue of the liquid petroleum asphalt or emulsified asphalt. With additional accessory parts, the penetration of paraffin, grease and other substances can be measured.
  • The powerful penetration test system of this ZRP Full-automatic Asphalt Penetrometer Testing Machine is composed of the independently developed EPC-70 touch-screen tablet and specialized testing software.
  • It has 4 standard USB interfaces, supports external mouse and standard keyboard.
  • The instrument uses a 7-inch true color display, designed with user-friendly touch operation.
  • The ZRP-2801 asphalt penetrometer testing machine supports external HP inkjet printer, is able to print standard test report.
  • The elevator structure of this instrument is smartly designed and easy to adjust.
  • The ZRP-2801 asphalt penetrometer testing machine fully meets the requirements from the T0604-2011 ‘asphalt penetration test’ in PRC industrial standard JTG E20-2011 ‘highway engineering asphalt and asphalt mixture test procedures’.
  • The instrument can be widely used in food industry, transportation highway engineering and other industrial sectors.
  • Uses the computer control technology, can automatically complete the penetration test, and LVDT is ensured by the computer calibration technology, the measurement is accurate and reliable.
  • The instrument can display the temperature value, the displacement value and the penetration value in real-time. the penetration - time curve is dynamically displayed in the test process.
  • Built-in Ethernet interface, can easily achieve networking data exchanging and communication.
Testing ItemSpecification
Testing Range(0~500) penetration
Resolution0.1 penetration
Time Setting Range(0~60)s, time error ≤ 0.1s
Heater Power200W
Standard Needle50mm, 2.5g±0.05g
Bracket Lifting FrameDouble lifting adjustable mechanism. Convenient for the needle point to the sample plane.
Working PowerAC (220±10%V), 50Hz
Tester Overall Diamentions410mm×240mm×620mm