WEP series touch screen universal testing machine
WEP Series Touch Screen Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine
April 23, 2017
YAW-300B bending compression strength synchro integrative testing machine
YAW-300B Bending and Compressive Strength Synchro Integrative Testing Machine
April 23, 2017

WSC-300 Steel Strand Stress Relaxation Computer Control Testing Machine

WSC-300 stress relaxation testing machine
Main Usages: Suitable for the tensile stress relaxation mechanical properties tests of metallic materials (such as steel wire, PC steel bar and wire) in room temperature.

Applicable Standards: Meet the related requirements of tensile stress relaxation tests in room temperature from the standards of 'GB/T 10120-1996 metal stress relaxation test method' and 'ASTM E328-2008 materials and structural stress relaxation test method'.
  • Can achieve constant speed load control, load holding, constant speed displacement control, displacement holding, constant speed deformation control, deformation holding and other functions, with high control precision and good reliability.
  • It can automatically calculate the stress relaxation performance of the specimen (such as stress relaxation rate) and print out the complete test report.
  • The WSC-300 stress relaxation testing machine can calculate the stress relaxation property of the specimen for 1000 hours.
  • Using the PID closed loop control strategy to achieve the constant speed loading, has the function of freely setting the loading rate 100~5000N/S.
  • Load and displacement are digital calibrated.
  • This testing machine has the function to Store test results and be able to review and traverse the test procedure.
  • The WSC-300 Steel Strand Stress Relaxation Testing Machine uses imported servo motor as the power source, with force closed loop and displacement closed loop control function.
  • Using high-precision amplifier and A / D converter. effective code ± 200000, stepless variable speed, Grade One precision, measuring range 2%-100%FSm. Loading, load peak, loading speed are digital displayed in real time.
  • Automatically adjust the coordinates: enter the test state, the system will automatically adjust the he size of coordinates and show the complete curve throughout the entire test process.
  • With the residual test force or relaxation rate and time curve.
  • Test parameters: Test parameters can be automatically stored, automatically called out and can also be reset.
  • Data pickup: After the test is completed, data can be picked up on the test curve by mouse.