WAW electro hydraulic servo universal testing machine
WAW Series Electro-Hydraulic Servo Computer Control Universal Testing Machine
April 16, 2017
WDW-5 electronic universal testing machine
WDW-1/2/5 Electronic Computer Control Universal Testing Machine
April 22, 2017

MGW Series Electro-Hydraulic Servo Static Load Anchoring Testing Machine

MGW-5000 static anchoring testing machine
Main Usages: For detecting the steel strand anchor coefficient of railway, bridge, building, electric power and other infrastructure construction.

Applicable Standards: Meet the requirements of GB/T14370-2007 prestress anchor, clamp and connector for steel strand.

Specifications: 5000kN, 6500kN, 10000kN
  • Our MGW series servo static load anchoring testing Machine uses hyper pressure digital servo valve group as the executive component. Its maximum control pressure is 60MPa.
  • With the self-developed EHC-3100M servo measurement and control system equipped, The anchoring testing machine has the force closed-loop and displacement closed-loop control function.
  • According to the test standard, the ultimate tensile force, the total strain, the anchoring efficiency coefficient and other parameters can be calculated automatically, and can print out the complete test report.
  • The rack of the main anchoring testing machine is composed of left and right beams, four supporting columns and screw jacks. For the sake of safety, the frame of machine is equipped with protective net.
  • The measuring element of MGW Series Electro-Hydraulic Servo Static Load Anchoring Testing Machine is a high precision hollow load sensor, which has high precision and good long-term stability, so as to ensure the measurement accuracy of the testing machine.
  • Experiment process data and curve dynamic display, test data editing, curve browsing, local zoom-in and other functions.
Models & SpecificationsMGW-5000MGW-6500MGW-10000
Maximum Force5000kN6500kN10000kN
Accuracy LevelLevel 1
Range of Force Testing(4%-100%)FS
Testing Force Resolution1/20000 of the maximum force. No gages in full testing range,
Displacement Resolution0.01mm
Force Constant Rate Control Range(0.05%-2.5%)FS
Displacement Rate Control Range(0.1-25)mm/min(0.1-20)mm/min(0.1-20)mm/min
Stretch Stroke 200mm
Motor Power6.0kW9.0kW
Testing Machine Mainframe Overall Dimensions3600×800×800mm5100×900×900mm
Power VoltageThree-phase AC 380V±10% 50Hz