MDW-50b asphalt pressure testing machine
MDW-50B Multifunctional Asphalt Pressure Testing Machine
May 20, 2017
ZRP 2801 asphalt penetrometer testing machine
ZRP-2801 Full-automatic Asphalt Penetrometer Testing Machine
May 22, 2017

MDW-50 Computer Control Marshall Stability Testing Machine

MDW-50500 asphalt construction material testing machine
MDW-50 computer control Marshall stability testing machine is mainly used to test the Marshall stability of asphalt mixture, and can also be used to test the flexural strength of cement, red brick, firebrick and so on.
  • Has the advantages of simple structure, low noise, energy saving, environmental protection and easy operation.
  • The system uses high-performance digital servo valve, has the force closed-loop control function. It is availble to achieve the constant load rate loading or constant stress rate loading.
  • EPC-70 microcomputer controller has the 7-inch color LCD touch-screen as the man-machine interface, nice and neat.
  • EPC-70 microcomputer controller uses the control software in Microsoft WIN CE operating system, which is powerful and easy to operate.
  • Use the up and down arrow keys to achieve fast/slow adjustment of the indenter, flexible operation, free to switch.
  • Has the intelligent, efficient and fast function of returning to the original position after the test.
  • Has the reliable and safe function of upper and lower limiting protection at maximum working position, and overload, overcircuit protection.
  • Can achieve a variety of control modes as constant rate of displacement loading, constant rate of loading, load holding and constant rate of offloading control. Has features of loading smoothly and high control precision.
  • Using stepper motor as the power source, drives the precision ball screw to load after been decelerated by the gear and the synchronous belt.
  • Using our independently developed EPC-70 touch type microcomputer controller and EDC-3110 servo measurement and control system to full-automatic control the machine.
  • The MDW-50 Marshall stability testing machine can automatically load according to the displacement speed or loading speed specified by corresponding national standard.
  • The load, displacement, speed, time and test curves can be displayed in real-time during the load process. The test results can be saved automatically and are able to be queried and printed out.
  • Supports being operated both by the large touchable keys and external standard keyboard and mouse.
  • Supports micro-printer or HP inkjet printer to print test reports, both are optional.
  • Built-in Ethernet communication interface, can be connected with the computer through ethernet to communicate and control, or networking with other testing machines easily.
Maximum Force50kN
Test Force Resolution1/200000
Value Relative Error2%-100% within the span, ±1%
Test Force Value Repeatability Relative Error
Displacement Speed Range1-60mm/min stepless adjustable
Loading Speed Range20-1000N/s stepless adjustable
Testing Space (H × W)220×260mm
Maximum Stroke100mm
Loading MethodPower-driven
Power VoltageAC220V±10%, 50Hz
Working Power150W
Product NameDiscriptionAmount
Mainframe50KN 2-columns frame structure; plastic-sprayed1 pc
Precision ball screw unit1 set
InterfaceEPC-70 Touch-screen computer controller 1 pc
Servo ControllerEDC-3110 Servo Controller1 set
Actuating Device 86BYG stepping motor and driver1 set
Gear speed reducer1 pc
Pressure Sensor50KN1 pc
Displacement SensorKTR-252 pcs
Testing jigsΦ50.8 Marshall clamp1 Set
Compression clamp1 Set
Exclusive SoftwareMeasure and control software for Marchall testing machine1 Set